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Website Updates & More


We have a new home!

New Home

New armor with drop rate bonus

-Elven-Mage Armor - Best Mage Armor In-Game

-The Elven-Mage Helmet and Robe leg each provide a 1.5% drop rate boost, while the Robe top provides a 2% drop rate boost, for a total 5% drop rate!-

-Available in the donation store for $300

Elven Armor

Tekton Armor - provides highest defense stats In-Game

-Tekton Sword - acts as an Arclight, which is a very effective weapon against demons-

-Available in the donation store for $350-


Scorpion Armor Set - Best Melee Set In-Game

-The Scorpion helmet and platelegs each provide a 1.5% drop rate boost, while the platebody provides a 2% drop rate boost, for a total 5% drop rate!-

-Available in the donation store for $300-


Scorpia drop: Scorpia drop

-need 1 hide for helmet, lvl 88 crafting, 175 xp-

-2 hide for plateleg, lvl 90 crafting, 250 xp-

-3 hide for platebody, lvl 95 crafting, 378 xp-

New building of armor

New changes to current armor sets

Vorkath Set

-Vorkath Set will be the only "Tri-Stats" In-game.

-Which means you can choose different combat style!

-While wearing Full Vorkath Set, you will gain 8% Drop rate increase! "Vorkath Blowpipe is not a requirement"


Vorkath before


Vorkath after

KBD Armor Set

We've noticed the Lack of Damage on KBD Set so we have buffed the set for you Range Lovers.


KBD BEfore


KBD after

Vorkath Rework

Vorkath rework

Skilling Boxes

-We have changed the Skilling Box to give you a random amount of supplies with a minimum of 50, and a maximum of 150!

Skilling box rework

Enigma Boxes Most Powerful Boxes In-Game! Will you try your luck today to get yourself a Party Hat?

-Available in the donation store for $35 per Box-

Enigma Box

Drop Rate

-Now you can display your Drop Rate Bonus-

-Iron Man, Hard-Core Iron, Realism Mode will receive a passive Drop Rate bonus of 5%-

Drop rate

Bond Upgrade

-Now you can Upgrade you Bond up to "Champion Rank"

Bond Upgrade

Blessed Fountain

Our "Well of Goodwill" has now become the "Blessed Fountain" and undergone a complete revamp! You are now able to both extend, or re-reoll the current blessing. In order to reroll or extend the blessing, you will need to add either coins or items, or both. Although the Fountain does accept items, it accepts them at 75% of the item value. The price to extend the blessing is 40M, and the price to re-roll is 50M. Multiple players can come together with their items and coins to make this happen and optimize your gains.

Blessed Fountain

World Boss

We have added a random world boss event that will begin every hour in a safe area and lasts for 15 minutes. You can access this random event by typing ::bossevent. The stats of the boss scale to the number of players that attend the event, in order to receive a drop from this boss you must deal at least 5% damage before they are killed, or despawn.

World Boss

We will be editing these world bosses as we go along, if you have any suggestions, new mechanism, stats, scaling or values for each boss, please recommend them under "Suggestion" section.

Some of the bosses you will see at the event are:





Dagganoth Supreme

Dagganoth Rex

Dagganoth Prime

King Black Dragon

Corporal beast


New Launcher

We have made a new launcher, make sure to download it by clicking the "Download" button on our home page. This client will automatically be updated in the future and will be staying up to date without any client releases.

New Staff Icon

Now you will able to distinguish all staff according to their roles and responsibility. Make sure to reach out for certain staff member according to the criteria that meets your demand.

Fountain of Blessing

We have fixed the fountain of blessing here you can extend the timer up to an hour.

Ability to reply

Now you can reply back to a player message without adding them to the friend list first.

Tekton Sword

We have fixed our Tekton sword where the effect and stats will work against all Demonic type NPCS.

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